Carbon:ate Carbon Steel 30cm (12 Inch) Skillet Frying Pan. Includes Free Silicon Handle Cover

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"Fantastic quality carbon/steel material used in the manufacture of the pan.
Very sturdy and distributes heat evenly.
Easy to seed on gastop with flaxseed oil.
I cook a great hot Indian curry in it.
Have to buy the glass frypan lid separately.
I 100% recommend this product."
Peter T
(Mar 2021)


  • CHEMICAL FREE – NO PTFE OR PFOA; Carbon:ate Carbon Steel Fry Pans are perfect for any chef (or home chef!) keen to cook without chemical coatings. A well-seasoned carbon steel pan is naturally non-stick. Perfect for searing, frying, browning, stir frying, braising, flambe-ing! NOW WITH FREE Silicon Handle Cover.
  • STRONG, TOUGH AND DURABLE; Carbon:ate Skillet Frying Pans are made from 3mm thick carbon steel (many are 2mm) making them thicker and tougher. The 2x Rivet handle holds the pan securely at 2x spanned points, making it incredibly stable and less easy to spill.
  • PROTECTED with NATURAL BEESWAX COATING; To ensure your pan arrives with you in perfect condition, a light coating of beeswax is applied to act as a barrier to moisture. We recommend washing off the beeswax and seasoning before use (easy to follow instructions included). If wet and un-seasoned, carbon steel can rust – this is normal. Simply scrub and re-season.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT and QUICK TO HEAT UP: Unlike cast iron cookware, carbon steel is extremely light, meaning the cook can roll, toss and move food around the pan with ease. Carbon steel is also a great conductor of heat, the pan heats up (and cools down) more quickly and responsively, too.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL STOVETOPS; including induction cooktops. Designed and Developed in Australia and Made in China to strict quality standards.

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