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When you haven't got time for the full seasoning process, what do you do...?

Share your lazy seasoning hacks with us for your chance to WIN a Fresh Australian Kitchen pre-seasoned cast iron cookware set!

Lazy Seasoning Hacks WIN

We want to know the clever and quick ways you season your cast iron.

Perhaps it's a sneaky drizzle and swish of olive oil before you start cooking, to coat your skillet and bake it on the stove for ten minutes while you do your food prep for dinner...?

We want to hear all the tips and tricks being used out there for building up those excellent non-toxic non-stick layers that are a big part of why cooking with cast iron is so awesome.

How To Enter

To enter, tells us in 100 words or less what your best lazy cast iron seasoning trick is in the comment section below.

Entries open 12pm AEST 7 October 2019
Entries close 11:59am AEST 14 October 2019

This competition is open to residents of Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom aged 18 and over. And there are no limits to how many times you can enter!

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  • I’ve been seasoning my cast iron pans thus: Wash really well in HOT soapy water (I know, everyone is aghast!) with a scourer, then dry with the dishcloth and pop on the cook hob/ stove top on HIGH, wait until you feel the heat coming up when you hover the hand over then pan, pop in peanut oil (or other high smoke point oil) to cover the bottom, swirl and heat for a minute. TURN off heat and get a paper towel and wipe residual oil and it will get any remaining grunge off the pan. Let cool on the hob. Voila!

    Kathy Kordas
  • The secret is in the oil and temperature. Cast iron can take extreme heat! So try a charcoal BBQ, or camp fire and coat in avocado oil which has a super high smoke point. Jon done. Rock hard coating achieved.

  • Just brush a bit of Kan Tong sweet and sour cooking sauce (from Coles) on the meat as it is cooking.
    Can use any meat.

    Keith Povey
  • Use it frequently for frying bacon. Soon, it will be well seasoned with no extra effort. Just use it as your bacon-frying pan until you are satisfied. Easy peasy ! I didn’t do anything more than that and mine is awesome.

    Quay H
  • I like to make bacon in the morning and pour the bacon fat off after it cools. I cover the skim of bacon fat in the pan and use it to cook lunch or dinner.

    Amanda Shoemaker

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