8 Reasons Why Glassware Makes The Perfect Gift

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Why Glassware Makes The Perfect Gift

By Ardith Stephanson

There are many times that the question arises: “What would be the perfect gift for this occasion?”

It comes up for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. And what do you buy the person who has everything? What’s a unique gift that says you care?

The answer is glassware. A decanter with matching glasses is the perfect gift for someone who has everything, and wants nothing. It’s also perfect for your dad, or your coworker. It’s ideal for celebrating a birthday or an engagement.

Here are 8 reasons why glassware makes the perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion.

  1. Your Gift Will Stand Out Amongst All The Others
  2. Glassware Will Evoke Memories Of The Get-Together When It Was Presented 
  3. Glassware Suits Any Occasion
  4. Glassware Is Not Overly Personal
  5. Glassware Can Be Personal
  6. Whiskey Glasses Are Perfect For The Whiskey Lover On Your List
  7. Glassware Can Be Used by Anyone
  8. Products To Suit Different Budgets




  1. Your Gift Will Stand Out Amongst All The Others

Perhaps you’re thinking, “is it ok to give whiskey glasses for a gift?” Just because it may not be common doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea!

On the contrary, your unique gift will stand out among other run-of-the-mill gifts like the endless ties dad gets on Father’s Day. Whisky glasses are a classic gift for men, but mum will also appreciate the quality and beauty of lead-free crystal glasses and a matching decanter.

Quality crystal glassware will also stand out at a wedding shower or bachelor party. Your friends will remember your exclusive gift.

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  1. Glassware Will Evoke Memories Of The Get-Together When It Was Presented 

We all live busy lifestyles and don’t always have time to get together. And yet time spent with family and friends often creates the fondest memories.

Each time your gift recipient uses their glassware, they will re-experience the emotions from the occasion at which you presented the gift. That could be the time everyone joined to celebrate a momentous anniversary or birthday, or the bachelor party to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

Those emotions of happiness and joy will return when they pour a drink in their special glass, and perhaps inspire them to hold another get-together.

Sharing a glass of whiskey with others will bring back good memories, and a present that symbolises the essence of coming together will be remembered and cherished by your recipient. What else signifies good times better than a quality set of whisky glasses?



  1. Glassware Suits Any Occasion

It’s sometimes difficult to figure out the perfect last-minute gift, or the best gift for your husband. Or maybe you need a wedding gift for a coworker, or a stylish gift for that friend who has everything.

A set of quality crystal glasses is ideal for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and of course as a Christmas gift. Simply ask, “what are the 10 best gifts for men?” and whiskey glasses will be on the list of almost everyone. But quality crystal is an ideal gift for women too, particularly for those who wouldn’t indulge by buying a set for themselves.

Whether you have a friend who has just graduated from university, or announced their engagement, or felt the joy of a new child, or celebrated their 40th birthday - a glassware set is the ideal gift for any occasion.


  1. Glassware Is Not Overly Personal

There are also those times when you may not know the recipient really well, but still want to purchase a thoughtful gift. Wondering what to get a coworker in the office gift exchange? Or to present to your cousin on the occasion of their engagement?

A glassware set can say congratulations without being too personal. We don’t always know the tastes of the people for whom we’re buying a gift, but we do know that glassware is a present that can be used by everyone.

Your gift recipient doesn’t have to be a whisky drinker to enjoy quality crystal glassware - any spirit, cocktail or even water will do. And they’ll delight in having a beautiful set of glasses to celebrate any occasion.


  1. Glassware Can Be Personal

On the flip side, if you do know your gift recipient really well, crystal glassware can be extremely personal.

Perhaps your father enjoys the odd gin and tonic? Perhaps mum loves rounded crystal with intricate etchings, making the Crystal Cask lead-free tumblers perfect for her birthday?

Crystal Cask Glasses Set


  1. Whiskey Glasses Are Perfect For The Whiskey Lover on Your List

We all know somebody who loves a glass of whiskey, and a quality glassware set is the ideal gift for the discerning whisky drinker on your list.

A glassware set will be a welcome and treasured gift, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day, or even Mother’s Day - yes, women can be whiskey lovers too!

Your dad, husband, brother or sister will all appreciate a set of quality crystal glassware, the gift that says you care. Combine it with their favourite brand of whiskey and you’ll have a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

After all, a whiskey drinker knows that you need the proper glass to truly enjoy your spirits. And the added bonus is that Van Daemon glasses can be used for much more than a whisky on the rocks.

You can choose to get glasses, or opt for a complete set that includes a decanter. If your recipient is a discerning whisky drinker, they will know the value of using a quality, lead-free crystal decanter.

Whatever set you choose, you know your whisky lover will be thrilled with your gift selection.


  1. Glassware Can Be Used by Anyone

While a glassware set may seem ideal for a whisky drinker, this type of gift can in fact be used by anyone.

Looking for a gift to get that couple that always entertains? A set of glasses with a decanter will add a touch of class to their table setting, even if it’s used simply to serve water.

Whiskey glasses aren’t just for whisky, making them the perfect gift for someone who has everything.


  1. Products To Suit Different Budgets

Van Daemon has glassware sets that suit every budget, so you won’t find yourself over-spending, or under-spending, if you have a price in mind.

Perhaps your Christmas gift exchange sets a dollar limit to the price of gifts. No problem. The lowest price glassware comes in different styles, and the sets of two lead-free crystal tumblers for liquor are all packaged in a beautiful gift box to seal the deal. Nothing adds a touch of glamour like a quality gift box that can also be used to store glassware for years to come.

Or, you can spend a little more and get a set of four glasses with a matching decanter. There are styles for every taste.


Final Sips

Choosing the perfect gift for any occasion is easier than you think. When you need a gift for any occasion, and for any recipient, glassware is an ideal choice. Opt for a set of lead-free crystal glasses, or get a set that includes a decanter too. You and your gift recipient will both be delighted by the results.





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