7 Reasons To Drink Whiskey From A Proper Whiskey Glass

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7 Reasons To Drink Whiskey From A Proper Whiskey Glass

By Ardith Stephanson

Whether you’re a long-time connoisseur of whiskey, or just taking your first few sips into the enjoyment of fine spirits, having the right glassware is key to truly experiencing your drink.

Whisky can be enjoyed in a variety of glasses, and unlike wine, you don’t have to use different glasses for different types of whiskey. Whether it’s a malt whiskey from the rejuvenated whisky business in Tasmania, a traditional Scotch, a Canadian rye or a smooth bourbon, having a glass that you love is part of the experience.

We’re here to help with 7 reasons to drink whisky from a proper whisky glass.

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1. Respect The Art Of Whiskey Making

To start with, let’s be clear that you shouldn’t be drinking your whiskey from a wine glass or a highball glass. Here’s why a whisky glass matters.
Those who distill whiskey will tell you it’s an art. A craftsman creates a spirit that matures in a barrel, often for many years, and then delights in the end result. You should respect that craft by fully enjoying the end product.
You’ll also enjoy their art more with a proper glass, as you’ll get the full taste experience by smelling the whiskey as you sip it, and enjoying the colour as well as the aroma and taste. A shot glass, wine glass or highball glass won’t deliver that experience like the proper type of whisky glass.


2. Size Matters

A whisky glass is often called a lowball glass or a tumbler. It’s essentially a short glass with a wide base and mouth.

The ideal capacity is about 10 ounces or 300 millilitres. This is the perfect size for a couple of whisky stones or an ice ball.

It’s also best to enjoy a smaller drink of whiskey to the fullest, than to pour a big drink that gets watered down by too much ice, water or other mix.


3. Shape Matters

The short tumbler with a thick bottom and wide brim allows you to enjoy the aromas of the whiskey whether it’s neat, on ice or in a cocktail.

Thinner, smaller glasses can struggle to support ice or further uses beyond just drinking whisky neat.


4. Turn Your Whisky Into A Cocktail

A tumbler or lowball glass is also sometimes referred to as an "Old Fashioned" and is ideal for making cocktails... such as the whiskey-based Old Fashioned itself or even a Whiskey Sour.

In fact, the Old Fashioned needs to be served in a lowball tumbler, because it plays off the natural flavours or whisky, rather than overpowering them with mix.

And, that’s not to say you can’t use your whisky glass for other spirits too. Cocktails like a Black Russian, or even a gin and tonic can be mixed into your new glassware as well.

The wide and robust base of a tumbler glass also makes it strong enough and big enough for muddling or mixing ingredients.

All Van Daemon glasses can support any spirit-based beverage from a whisky neat to a mojito. Now that's versatile!


Whiskey Glass Cocktail


5. Keep Your Whiskey Cool

The best whiskey glasses have wide and thick bases. There are a few reasons that make this ideal.

First, if you do enjoy your whiskey on the rocks, the thick bottom will keep your whiskey cold longer, and prevent the ice from melting quickly. The same holds true if you prefer whiskey stones, because glass is a bad heat conductor so the whiskey will stay cold longer.

A wide opening also allows you to easily fill it with ice.


Tasman Twist Twisted Glass Whiskey Gin Tonic Lime


6. Protect Your Whisky In Lead-Free Crystal

You should make sure that you choose a whiskey glass made with lead-free crystal. There is a chance that lead can leach into your whisky, so lead-free glassware, including glasses and whiskey decanters, are the best choice.

All Van Daemon glassware is made from high quality lead-free crystal. The clarity is also excellent so you can enjoy the colour of your beverage as well.


7. Tumblers Are Easy To Hold

It’s true that holding a tumbler may be a change for those who are used to thin, tall highball glasses, or wine glasses with a stem. 

But the fact is, a classic whiskey glass like the popular Van Daemon Tasman Twist fits nicely in your hand, with a heft and design befitting the finest whiskey.


Whisky Glass Drinker Man


Final Sips

At this point, it’s all about your preferences and tastes. Choose a tumbler or lowball whisky glass that will make a statement and prove that you're a true whisky lover.

Perhaps you like the slightly rounded contours of the Crystal Cask glassware set. Or the stylish cut to the rocky looking crystal base of the Launceston glassware set, pictured below.

Van Daemon Launceston Glasses Set

When you choose Van Daemon Glassware, you get 100% lead-free crystal, with a heavy base that provides substance and heft. Glassware is shipped in a presentation gift box, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition and allowing you to store or move your glassware if necessary. As a bonus, they are all dishwasher safe.

Van Daemon glasses are also a conversation piece in that they’re inspired by the “New World” spirits that originate in Tasmania, blending old fashioned design with contemporary touches.

Choosing the right whiskey glass will ensure you can fully enjoy your whisky, any other spirit, a cocktail, or even a glass of water in style. 






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